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What Is Startup House?
The Startup House is a co-living space, made for young professionals, with the sole purpose of helping them on their path to success.

It is a community of entrepreneurs living together, helping each other, becoming better people and stronger leaders.

We are the gateway to the Silicon Valley ecosystem for international startups,
corporates & educational institutions.

Entrepreneurs call it HOME.
Why Join The Startup House Community?
Our locations around the US provide comfortable rooms, and give you a chance to meet like-minded people!
We organize free workshops, to help our entrepreneurs start their own buisiness and make their startups profitable.
Grow your projects - reach investors and meet new professional team members!
Stay With Us!
Check out our current locations and join us!
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Contact us to specify any questions:
+1 (650) 267 27 44
820 Post Street, San Francisco

Why Attend Our Events?
Startups can pitch investors, network, make deals, and some events even offer advance registration for private meetings.

Enjoy connections between startups and investors combined with superb networking opportunities to foster meaningful deal flow.

Here are the seven reasons you MUST attend:

  1. Meet accredited investors from Silicon Valley and beyond including venture capitalists, angel investors and strategic investors who will hear your pitch and engage in private meetings.

    If you've got the next big thing, this is your chance to meet some of the investors from seed funding to major funds, for both early stage startups and huge growth public companies.

  2. Keynotes and case studies packed with insights and exclusive demos.
    Witness senior leaders from across the industry share what's next, now.

  3. Insider secrets to become profitable and develop an exit strategy from entrepreneurs that sold their venture.
    Learn how to leverage your intellectual property and relationship help unleash the full potential of your ideas.

  4. Learn what your competitors and collaborators are doing.

    We help you better understand the marketplace and where the ecosystem is putting their resources so you stay competitive. Developing a successful business strategy is crucial to long-term growth. We give you those tools.
    Your next partnership could start here.

  5. With more than 200 attendees expected, there's no shortage of opportunities for you to strengthen current partnerships, refresh old ones, and start collaborating with future partners..

  6. First to know. First to market.
    Your chance to lead the market begins here.

  7. Have fun while networking over delicious food and drinks.
    We offer networking mixers, parties and programs so you can establish genuine personal relationships, and enjoy conversations with shared interests not just about work to create last relationships.

Apply To Speak

We offer these types of speaking opportunities:

  • Keynotes recognized as leaders in their fields for senior executives

  • Fireside chats featuring in-depth interview with prominent journalist

  • Panel discussions and roundtables led by moderator

  • Presentations and demos

  • Facilitate small group discussions after session

  • Case studies presented by vendors and end users

We consider companies at all stages – from Fortune 500 companies, mid-tier, startups with innovative technologies, and newly launched. There is no fee required to speak. Panel and keynote speakers are expected to use their platform to discuss the topic at hand, not make a sales pitch for their company, products or services.We also offer sponsored demos and workshops where you can focus on your own products and services. Sponsors have an opportunity to speak and give a presentation. If that interests you, please visit our sponsorship page.


Our speaker committee will decide which sessions to place you on at our discretion. However, we will give priority to some submissions to select their session. If you are a professional service provider or vendor (such as law firm or consultant) or tech solution provider (like web services or software application), we encourage you to invite an end user client to speak with you.

For instance, if you are a law firm and have an attorney who wants to speak, you would invite your client to speak on the same panel. You can offer either on a panel or a case study showing the client's strategy and how you implemented your product or service.

Here is how this works: You have a client such as entertainment property or consumer brand. You advise us of the client; we approve them. You then invite them to speak either on a panel or case study. If they agree to speak; you can speak as well. There is no fee and you both receive a comp ticket.

We consider these types of speakers:

• Academic and university professors
• Book Authors
• Business and corporate executives
• Service Providers-law, accounting,.recruiting
• Consultants
• Media and trade organizations
• Press, analysts and bloggers as moderators

Here are some examples you might offer:

  • Attracting Venture capital

  • Raising early stage funding

  • Developing a Pitch

  • Prospecting for Customers

  • Future trends and new technologies to watch

  • eCommerce

  • Compelling new business models

  • How to monetize Social Media and Social Networks

  • Brand building

  • Advertising using social media

  • Performance challenges

  • Practical analytics

  • Real-time opportunities

  • Media, entertainment, TV, Film, Cable, Games

  • Social Media & PR

  • Mobile apps, Android, iPhone, Blackberry and devices

  • Launching Social TV Services, Features and Applications

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