Startup House Values
We are Entrepreneurs, the people, whose goals and dreams are to change the world for the best!
We help our community
We help and respect each other in our community, trying to contribute something to our big family - the Startup House community of like-minded people.
We respect each other
We respect our hosts and co-livers, we keep all common co-working spaces, kitchen areas, and bathrooms clean.
We give feedback
We inform our community managers politely if something is wrong with our equipment, if something is finished (soap, toilet paper, detergent, coffee). This way we help to improve everything as much as we can.
We contribute
We try to contribute values to the community and our friends – such as referrals, connections and knowledge daily.
We participate
We participate in community events, help others promote their strengths and talents.
We study
We learn something new every day, with workshops and learning programs, developing ourselves with Startup House in every direction.
We follow our dreams
We follow our dream to create the worlds biggest entrepreneur community, that helps members launch their startups, turning these projects into successful businesses, and make the world a better place to live in.
We keep in touch
We keep lifelong relationships with Startup House community members, attracting the best talent, mentors and venture capital from it.
We trust
We trust in entrepreneurs and the wisdom driven world, based on God's wisdom and love.
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